Travelling with the Family in New South Wales? Then You Need These Tips to Spend Less

Australia isn’t cheap, especially for family travellers. It doesn’t mean you won’t have lots of fun—and spend way less than you expect. For example, you can stay in places like these:


Here are x tips to enjoy your New South Wales trip with your family:


  1. Book Cheap Flights


A significant part of your budget goes towards transport, particularly airfare. Fortunately, there are many strategies to save money:


  • Choose off-peak travel dates. These are usually the months of April to June, which coincides with autumn and winter.
  • Use flight comparison websites. Skyscanner, for instance, lets you pick the cheapest months to fly in your chosen destination. You can also set up alerts to your email. These will tell you when fares go down.
  • Be open to interconnecting flights. Sometimes connecting flights will be cheaper than direct ones. These will mean a much longer time, but you can save money.
  • Pick planes that charge less for children. If you’re travelling with children, you can look for airlines that charge only half for them. Travelling with toddlers may not cost you anything as long as you sit them on your lap.
  • Consider budget airlines. Airlines such as Jetstar, Ryanair, and Scoot cost cheap. Note, though, this affordability means you won’t have the usual flying amenities like free meals or in-flight entertainment.


  1. Don’t Limit Yourself to Sydney


There’s more to New South Wales than Sydney. For example, you can take an overnight trip or two to Narrandera. It’s roughly five hours away from the state’s capital.


In Narrandera, you can explore the Tiger Moth Memorial or take a dip in Lake Talbot.


  1. List Down the Free Things to Do


Not everything you should do in New South Wales must cost money. For example, you can drive to the Blue Mountain and proceed to Govett’s Leap Lookout for majestic scenery.


If you have the energy, you can leave your vehicle and then hike any of the trails available.


You can stroll along the Sydney Harbour Bridge or explore the gorgeous botanical gardens.


  1. Choose the Best Transport Option


When you want to go cheap, public transport is usually the way to go. Sydney has one of the most extensive networks, so moving around the region is easy.


You can also use a contactless payment card called Opal. It works in ferries, buses, and railways. It is also reloadable.


In certain situations, though, a car rental may be a better choice. This is if you’re travelling with little children. Moving from one bus to another with a stroller in tow may be cumbersome.


You can also be more flexible with your itinerary. After all, you don’t have to rely on public transport schedules.


These are only basic tips, but they can already give you significant savings on your forthcoming trip to New South Wales. This is especially true for affordable accommodation:


This way, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your family adventure.