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5 Crucial Features of a Great Hotel in Phnom Penh

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Long-haul flights are no walks in the park. The last thing you want, besides a jet lag, is to get stuck in a bad hotel. This is why it is very important to start your hotel Phnom Penh search as soon as you decide to travel to Cambodia.

Aside from having more available good choices for accommodation you also have bigger chances of getting excellent rates for the best hotel Phnom Penh has. But just how can you ensure there won’t be any undesirable surprises upon your arrival?

If you are one to browse through online reviews from previous guests, you want to read plenty of positive comments particularly on these five hotel features:

Clean and functional toilet and bathroom.

Who wants to stay in a hotel with a dysfunctional and dirty bathroom? No one.

Water pressure, hot and cold shower choices, the size of the showerhead, cleanliness of the toilet and bath area, bidets—these are what matter to most Western visitors who travel to Phnom Penh and other parts of the globe. Hospitality establishments who strive to attract and please their international market will most likely have even the most basic amenities to provide small bathroom comforts to make their guests’ stay as pleasant as possible.

It also helps to check the bathroom pictures and list of features when doing your hotel Phnom Penh research.

Nice surroundings.

Most tourists or travel enthusiasts these days don’t really mind the size of the hotel room. What they really care about is a beautiful view or staying in an interesting part of the area. Having an amazing view of the landscape or cityscape could help make your vacation much more memorable. Similarly, staying in a vibrant or important part of the town or city allows you to have a more intimate experience of the locality.

At the YK Art House Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh City in Cambodia, for example, you are located in a nice, quiet neighbourhood where there are still traditional homes and shops nearby.

Updated facilities.

Air-conditioning systems, cold and hot showers, flat screen TVs, hairdryers, cafes, bars, pool—these are amenities that could boost a guest’s experience.

If you intend to ensure your stay will be enjoyable and worthwhile, see to it that the hotel you choose in Phnom Penh has the features that really matter to you.

A comfy bed.

No traveler ever wants to spend the whole night tossing and turning because of an uncomfortable mattress. Lying on a comfy mattress after a tedious day of going around the city’s tourist sights should be a luxury every hotel guest gets to enjoy.

The bed should also be clean and big enough to provide a good night’s sleep every evening. Besides, having a nice bed can make your temporary accommodations feel more like home even when in a foreign place. So, yes, it does affect your holiday experience.

The small details.

The little details make an impact, too. Having clean and comfy towels, basic toiletries, well-stocked minibars, free Wi-Fi, welcome gifts, and also various other small add-ons can really make a hotel guest’s experience even more special.

With these tips in mind, you can narrow down your hunt for the ideal Phnom Penh hotel. If you’re traveling in a group, check out the YK Art House Hotel in Phnom Penh. They have apartments with a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. They also have private double rooms for solo travelers or couples who wish to have spacious and cosy accommodations.

Check them out and learn more about their boutique hotel and travel help-desk services at

What to expect at a luxury hotel

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Known for its impeccable choice of luxury beach resorts and hotels, Koh Samui is a popular tourist island located in Thailand with visitors from all over the world touring the region all year around. This scenario is perfectly understandable for there is a lot of excitement that comes with staying at a luxury hotel. They will offer you a never seen before kind of service. This is because the experience there is not the usual you get out of a normal hotel or at a bed and breakfast. This is especially for those who are visiting the place for the first time. If you have never had a luxury hotel experience before, you are likely to enjoy every moment of your next trip. When you pay for high luxury hotel rates, you have a right to expect certain standards in service.

Further, according to a recent article in Huffington Post, people are visiting Koh Samui for medical tourism these days. They can avail various medical care facilities here along with availability of luxury resorts in the region. This further pressurizes the luxury hotels to offer best in class services to the visitors.

Below are some of the things you should expect from a Koh Samui luxury hotel

Amazing service

The service at every Koh Samui luxury hotel is supposed to be nothing short of superb. There will always be staff answering to your call of need no matter the time of day or night. You can always expect the hotel staff to answer to you with a smile on their face no matter how trivial your issue is and to deal with staff that can’t meet your needed service. Upon arrival, refreshments as well as an activity guide throughout your stay are some other things you should expect. Additionally, you will find fully stocked amenities in the bathroom. Thus, in case you forgot your toiletries, you don’t have to fear as these will be provided. Luxury hotels endeavor to give you the feeling you value highly.

Amazing amenities

With luxury hotels, the sky is the limit. Some of the amenities you will see are 24-hour service gyms, indoor pools of word class standards among others. Also expect to see hot tubs, spas, tennis courts and even saunas around your lodge. Lavish beach chairs complete with beachside service and huge swimming pools, especially for resorts located in tropical areas are things you don’t have to second guess.  Hotel rooms also come with a unique experience of their own, huge pillows and a king-size bed.

Your beck and call

Luxury hotels are designed with the aim of pleasing the guests and leaving them with unforgettable experiences that they will plan to return. Additionally, you will feel refreshed as well as well rested. Everything you may want a luxury hotel will provide the same as there will always be someone to answer to your whims. Additionally, these hotels will leave you pampered and every coin you will spend will always feel worth it by a mile.

If you are planning on a vacation and have money to spend, it’s worth considering a Koh Samui luxury hotel. You will experience accommodation experience like never before. Also sometimes even if you don’t have the money, a treat once in a while here will always motivate you to work harder for that kind of life.

Luxury Travel Trends in Asia

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So what are the hottest and latest fads when it comes to luxury travel in Asia? There are numerous discernible trends which have been witnessed in the recent years. For example, there has been an increase in the large number of visitors that are heading to the Asia Pacific region in order to explore many of the attractions here. A lot of the countries in APAC which were once classified as “developing” are now transitioning into high-end luxury haunts. There is also a growing trend towards many travelers to this area looking for more authentic holiday experiences rather than just the classic luxury. For example, an important shift that is taking place when it comes to luxury in Asia is that many visitors are showing a preference for private accommodations rather than the traditional five-star hotels and resorts.

More North Americans are Heading to Asia

Instead of the traditional holiday destinations such as the Bahamas or even Jamaica, many North Americans are now holidaying in Asia. They are willing to travel longer distances in order to discover new Asian destinations. This is also encouraged by the fact many Asian currencies have lesser value which makes these destinations cheaper.

There is growth in luxury tourism

Apart from just the “mainstream” tourism, there is also the growth of the luxury tourism segment in many Asian countries. Additionally, there are new emerging Asian travel destinations such as Myanmar which were previously unexplored. In 2015, countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia are popular amongst many tourists looking for high-end accommodation and unique experiences. Just like in other travel destinations, travelers to these emerging luxury markets are showing a preference for villas and other high-end luxury accommodation over the international hotel chains.

The Sharing Economy is On the Up

In the past, the sharing concept was an economical solution for those who wanted to save money during their travels but that is no longer the case. Even luxury travelers are now embracing the sharing economy such as Airbnb.

Overall, the trend in luxury travel in Asia is showing a general drift from the typical luxury hotel experience towards cheaper or even more exclusive accommodation such as the private accommodations. More luxury travelers in Asia are looking for lower costs, greater privacy as well as an overall local feel in the accommodations.

These kinds of private luxury accommodations give travelers the feel of home away from home. There is greater privacy and a more personalized feeling. Travelers want a more local as well as a more authentic experience when it comes to luxury travel than what they are used to back home.

The kind of privacy that can be had in the private accommodations and other exclusive luxury haunts in Asia offer a higher level of privacy that will go beyond just being alone. There is a great deal of intimacy in every aspect including private pools, private living areas and everything that makes it feel like a family home. Luxury travel in Asia is seeing many travelers looking to invest in unique experiences, rather than just conspicuous consumption.

Stay in a Hotel that Reflects “Classy” While Visiting Bangkok

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The land of Bangkok is a beauty to behold, suitable for any holiday traveler, any time of the year. Its rich history and sights to see make it a prime region for people who want to learn and relax. The beaches, shopping areas, religious places and nightlife remain a yearn for everyone who visits. However for you to enjoy these things, you need accommodation within that will place you at the best position. One definite option is a good hotel near MRT.

Before booking into a hotel there are necessary details you need to be aware of. These include location, price, type of food, availability of amenities and so on. One thing you need not to miss is the type of rooms available. This will determine if the hotel is the right class and standard you are looking for.

Types of rooms

A good hotel near MRT has several different rooms that include deluxe room, junior suites, deluxe suites, executive suites, premiere suites and presidential suites. All these come at different prices, with different facilities and different levels of comfort.

  1. Deluxe Suite

This offers a large space with high ceiling and a full length window that enables you to have a perfect view of Lumpini Park and other parts of the city. You can relax on top quality beds that come with uncased springs that will help you reduce the effect of pressing. Other benefits you get include refreshments, snacks in the afternoon, business stationary, amenities personalised to meet the needs of ladies and gentlemen among other things.

  1. Premiere suite

This is one of the most sought after suites and it comes with a balcony that enables you to have a view of the city. Its full length windows that offer an amazing panoramic view and allow the morning sunlight in will refresh the room and light up your day. The view over the city of Angles is further enhanced at night with the beauty of the night light.

  1. Presidential suite

The full length windows enable you view nature at its best as it overlooks the Lumpini Park. The serenity of the rooms is something to long for. The beds are covered with linen and each has a bedside lamp that will enable you do your readings without struggle. Further privileges you get include an extra room, dining room and a spacious living room.

Every room is an en-suite that will boost your comfort and style with marble floored bathrooms and walls made of glass, which will leave you amazed. The wardrobes and other amenities will ensure that your sense of organisation is not ruined.

Every room in the hotel near MRT is designed and furnished to ensure your taste, style and class are fulfilled to the very last bit. If you want to know more, or even see before you book, visit Aetas Lumpini and you will not regret it. However if you are not in a position to visit personally, you can take advantage of the online system of booking on the website and enjoy your time to the latter.

4 Fun Holiday Activities and Attractions in Noosa

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Are you itching to call a Noosa rental accommodation and book a reservation? Hold your horses and know what to watch out for in Noosa:

Noosa’s appeal

Noosa is an excellent family location simply 2 hours away north of Brisbane. Given that 1800, it has been a renowned destination and continues to attract daring visitors, backpackers, households in addition to retirees who are looking to invest in the Sunshine Coast.

Falling for Noosa is challenging considering that you can enjoy the very best of both worlds when it pertains to water-related activities. You can have an alternative to going to the beach or touring the river.

With various Noosa rental accommodation homes that you can pick from, going to Noosa can now be simple.

Below are leading activities you can attempt in Noosa for you to have a one of a kind vacation trip. Check it out at RW Noosa Holidays

1. Check out the Beach.

Noosa is blessed with 2 impressive shorelines, the Noosa Main Beach and Sunshine Beach. The Noosa Heads Coastal Stroll is an awesome method to explore the spectacular shorelines in Noosa and if you go to during the winter months, you may the possibility to find a Humpback Whale!

  • Noosa Main Beach – Noosa Main Beach is one the lots of shorelines on the east bank of Australia that faces north. Because it is sheltered with gentle waves, it is a perfect area for family vacations. You can choose from numerous Noosa Main Beach accommodation so you can be closer to the coast and enjoy these water activities to your heart’s content.
  • Sunshine Beach – Located between Noosa and Coolum, Sunshine beach is a terrific retreat in Noosa National forest. It is a quiet beach that is not very crowded so it is ideal if you want a personal escape. The north part is even dog-friendly, perfect for those taking a trip with pets.

2. Check Out Noosa National Park.

It’s the National forest that elevated Noosa to a place that should have the attention of travelers and residents alike.

It’s a really beautiful walk and if you crane your neck on your climb, you might extremely well recognize a koala or more as Noosa Park is their preferred home.

If you remain in Noosa rental accommodation homes, make sure to go on a stroll to this world-famous national park.

3. Water Activities.

Noosa is a world-celebrated surfing location, and Main Beach is a most liked spot for regional people to surf. Beginner surfers can also get a surfing lesson or experiment with paddle-boarding or boogie boarding.

4. Visit Noosa River.

There is a lot more to Noosa than simply being a basic beach resort town. Although going to the beach is an excellent way to relax, you can easily get overwhelmed with all the crowd and heat.

The Noosa River is a terrific reprieve from all that. You can even go to a pristine park just 20 minutes away from the primary city.


The above are only a few must-try activities you need to think about when you go to Noosa this holiday. You can schedule Noosa luxury accommodation Hastings Street has if you’re intrigued by their elegant offerings.

And, if you are trying to find cheap Noosa Parade accommodation, you can look it up online or see for more details.