Here’s what you should know before booking your very first car service

About to book your Peugeot’s first Brisbane CBD car service?

You don’t want to be the clueless one on the service site. After all, your car is your baby!

It’s just like getting a regular physical check-up for your kid. It wouldn’t hurt for you to read up about their symptoms before you book a doctor’s appointment, right?

brisbane cbd car service

Therefore, you should do the same before you book a service appointment.

For example, did you know about these bits?

1. It would help if you read your car’s manual.

Before you book a Peugeot car service Albion has today, you should review your car’s manual. Look for the service intervals and follow its suggestions. This is important because, for instance, what if your service light has malfunctioned?

You might be assuming that the service should happen a few months from now because it’s not switching on yet. You might not know it, but you’re now 2 weeks away from your scheduled service—you just didn’t budge because the service light hasn’t turned on. So, check your manual occasionally!

2. It’s always better to get a service from an authorised dealership.

Where did you buy your Peugeot? Was it from a manufacturer-approved dealership or a car yard? Regardless, you should always book an authorised Brisbane CBD car service centre. Check Brisbane City Peugeot for more details.

The technicians in these centres were trained to solve brand-specific issues, They deal with different Peugeot models every day. Therefore, you wouldn’t worry about your car getting a mediocre service. It will be in good, knowledgeable hands!

3. Ask the right questions & give the right answers.

When booking a car service Brisbane sites are oferring, you should ask if they offer a complimentary bus service or replacement vehicle. Also, enquire about the price quotes and service plans; after that, compare it with the ones suggested by your driver’s manual. Do they match?

And, of course, you should give the right answers as well. Divulge the essential details such as your mileage, your car registration number, and your preferred appointment schedule. This way, they can prepare the needed equipment and even the replacement car for you.

4. Be wary of scams. Take precautionary steps!

As scary as it may seem, scamming busy people like you is easier these days. Therefore, you should take precautionary measures against these sleazy car thieves.

For instance, if someone calls you and offers to pick up your car, don’t fall for it right away. Ensure to call the Brisbane CBD car service centre first or message their social media channels. Confirm if the caller actually works for them.

5. Before leaving your car on the site, review the service elements first.

Ever you wish you could ask about the tests and examination tools that doctors use on you? Well, you could do this on your first car service. At the service site, make sure to go over the service plan again before leaving.

If you have the time, you should ask about each of the tune-ups included. You can even ask about the tools they will use. Just make sure all the elements fall within the price quote you agreed. You don’t want to be blindsided by additional, hidden costs, right?

Where is the nearest Peugeot service centre in Brisbane?

You don’t need to search and far wide when there’s a reliable service centre near you. Just book an appointment at Brisbane City Peugeot today. They can give you a replacement car and more.

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