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Easter Island,  Bridger  Jack SpiresA bit about me:

That's a picture of me over on the right. I'm looking happy because I am on top of a big chunk of rock in the Bridger Jack Spires in Utah.  There is something special about the view from the summit of a Desert Tower!

Once upon a time I was a student at the University of British Columbia. It was fun and I got to run off to the desert to go climbing when it rained. Then I finished my degree and had signed a contract to go to San Francisco just before the tech bubble burst, but that fell through so ended up travelling in South America instead. After that, I grew up and got a real job working as a software developer for Crystal Decisions, which was subsequently bought by Business Objects. As Elise and I had been talking about moving to Europe and Business Objects was sort of a French company, it seemed the perfect opportunity so we moved to Paris. It's a bit further to get to the mountains compared to Vancouver, but in compensation I have more good bakeries within 100m of our appartment than in all of Vancouver. Not to mention all the cafés, restaurants, museums, street markets, rues piétons, and a general atmosphere of a 'vivant' city which seems somehow impossible to reproduce in North America...

This site started long ago in my student life as a way to pass the time thinking about climbing instead of studying. Although it has evolved over the years, it is still mostly climbing related. Since moving to France I've rediscovered my enthusiasm for ski touring, and with so many new places to visit around Europe expect a variety of new photos in the gallery sometime in the future


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